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Words can tell 1000 lies but pictures always tell 1 undoubted truth. They capture the soul and it’s reflection in its utmost beauty.

Simply put, photography is the art of capturing light with a camera. For me, photography is all about freezing in time, that perfect smile, that subtle flirt, the feeling of happiness, the feeling of worry and expectation, that amazing vibe of power that can only be seen and caught in a fraction of a moment. It is that subtle reality which continuously takes you back in the story of your life with all its beauty, amazement and excitement.


Can anyone get a photography session?

Basically anyone can request a photography session. Most of the times people who work in the fashion business or in any business that needs a photography portfolio, request the service. On the other hand, just about anyone could need a professional photo shoot. Think about all the amazing home decorating ideas you could support with a high quality set-up. Just imagine …

Is a photo shoot expensive?

That depends. You could need the service of a professional photographer for just a couple of hours and minimum photo editing. On the other hand, you may need the service for an entire night, at an event with 100 people. The amount of work is different depending on what you need. But don`t be discouraged. You may find out it is more affordable than you think.

Should I prepare upfront for a photoshoot?

The results of a photo shoot depend as much on the photographer as they depend on you. We recommend that you think about it in detail, prepare outfits, think of a location and have a talk with the photographer prior to the moment of the photo shoot. Results are 10 times better if you`re having fun and worrying about stuff will definitely make things less pleasant.